Terms & Conditions

By signing up/ registering or enrolling into the ‘Techno Tennis Program’ it is understood that you have read and agreed to the conditions stated below.

Techno Tennis requires term fees to be paid in full prior to the first scheduled lesson. If fees are not paid the student will not be eligible to join into the session.

Techno Tennis does not give refunds or discounts on missed sessions. If a student is absent due to illness a credit will be provided on proof of a medical certificate.

Promotional Material
Techno Tennis reserves the right to use any images, photographs, videos taken at any given Techno Tennis session. This material may be used for marketing, advertising or promotion unless formally requested by a parent or guardian in writing to Techno Tennis.

Techno Tennis accepts no liability for injury, damages or losses sustained through the involvement in the Techno Tennis Program. It is understood that participants engage in the program as a ‘sport’ in particular tennis, tennis lessons and tennis training. The activity of playing this ‘sport’ involves general risk outside the control of Techno Tennis. Techno Tennis will take all necessary steps in order to ensure the safety of all participants to the best of its ability.

All lessons will be presumed on unless otherwise stated by a coach or supervisor. It is the responsibility of parents or guardians to confirm a ‘wash out’ or ‘other weather condition’ by either phone or to arrive at a given venue. Lessons may often go ahead even after excessive rain or high temperatures. No lessons will go ahead if temperatures exceed 35 degrees.

Make Up Lesson Policy
Techno Tennis will not provide make up lessons for classes missed, unless a legitimate reason is given i.e. health or illness related.  If a student has missed a lesson due to illness or unforseen circumstance (up to the discretion of Techno Tennis), Techno Tennis may provide a ‘credit’ deemed by Techno Tennis to be of the same value to the sessions missed.

Students are required to bring their tennis racquets to every session.